EnviroSolar sees Impressive Growth on Florida’s Gulf Coast

Abe Issa

December 1, 2021

EnviroSolar sees Impressive Growth on Florida's Gulf Coast

Business continues to boom as EnviroSolar brings its revolutionary smart-solar home platform to Tampa and surrounding areas.


Tampa, FL / EnviroSolar is a leading provider of solar, smart home, and security solutions. Having won numerous awards, the company has more recently set its sights on Florida. With that, the smart-solar home platform provider continues to wow growing numbers of new customers on the Sunshine State’s Gulf Coast.


“We’re delighted to bring our revolutionary smart-solar home platform to Florida,” explains former CEO Abe Issa, the proud founder of the business. Focused predominantly on the Tampa Area, the firm’s solar, smart home, and security solutions have already proved popular on the Gulf Coast, he reports.


The company’s combined smart-solar home platform, in particular, boasts a wealth of benefits. Foremost among these, it’s suggested, are reduced energy costs, bolstered security in and around a property, and unmatched levels of additional convenience in terms of home automation – something that’s also central to the solution’s offering.


What’s more, EnviroSolar is the first business anywhere in the world to provide such an offering. Having already wowed countless customers elsewhere across the country, the solar and smart home technology provider’s team has further received a delightfully warm welcome in Florida.


Operating almost exclusively in the Tampa area for now, the firm has quickly established itself as a highly regarded local employer, too. “We’ve placed great importance on integrating ourselves into the Tampa community,” points out founder Abe Issa.


Established by the renowned entrepreneur in 2016, the brand today has a relationship with IntelliSmart Homes. “Together, we’re delivering a wealth of opportunities to those looking for work in the solar, smart home, and security solutions sectors,” adds Abe Issa, “both in Florida and elsewhere nationwide.”


Not only that, he and his team have also seen the EnviroSolar brand recognized as the first to pool talented individuals from the previously distinct solar and smart home industries in order to combine skills and services. The outcome, it’s reported, has been the successful creation of a growing staff perfectly poised to install its singular smart-solar home solution.


Moreover, actually delivering solar and smart home innovations together via one platform is something that’s never been done before, the company suggests. Already, the offering has gone down exceptionally well on Florida’s Gulf Coast, with customers here especially keen to make the most of the all-in-one solution’s many benefits.


EnviroSolar currently has 25 employees working in and around the Tampa area. Plans are afoot, it’s understood, for further expansion in the region and across wider Florida.


Booming Business in Florida Mirrors EnviroSolar’s Success Elsewhere


EnviroSolar’s expansion into Florida comes following several years of immense success for the company. Here, the smart-solar home platform provider has been ranked among the top technology installers. 


Both accolades were received courtesy of Solar Power World magazine. Both in print and online, the magazine is the country’s leading resource for information and news surrounding solar technology development and installation.


More impressive still, Solar Power World further ranked the business among its top installers across all 50 states, seeing them beat off over 80 percent of the competition in the process to be named as such.


It’s a testament, no doubt, to the brand’s place as one of the country’s premier providers of clean energy products. The focus is now on becoming the nation’s number one provider of combined solar, smart home, and security solutions, according to the IntelliSmart Homes and EnviroSolar teams.