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Abe Issa, founder, and owner of EnviroSolar has been recognized on multiple occasions with Entrepreneur of the Year awards, awards for owning and running the fastest growing companies in their categories, and awards for sustainable development and operation. Born in Beirut in the early 80s, Abe Issa experienced some of the greatest hardships life can impose on even the youngest and most innocent among us. But being raised amid the fires of war and escaping to the United States at a tender age taught Abe Issa that success, and even survival, requires action, initiative, and ingenuity.

Abe Issa created EnviroSolar in order to make sustainable smart homes and security solutions affordable for more and more people. This organization has been ranked among the top Texas solar power installers. They offer two free solar panels to new customers just to help more people understand the true value of natural power derived from the Sun: a symbol of truth and generosity that has clearly inspired Abe Issa. These panels come with an unprecedented 20-year warranty, a promise that exceeds the operational lifetime of most solar panels working today. Any company that provides that kind of commitment to quality and customer service, cannot do anything other than win awards for quality, growth, and innovation.

But the question that many people have asked is, how has such a young man with such a traumatic upbringing been able to develop such a strong work ethic and a commitment to the people his organizations serve? Despite his origin in war-torn Beirut, Abe Issa was inspired by the athleticism and the dazzling performances of the great basketball hero, Michael Jordan. Abe Issa saw that Jordan was not just an extremely talented athlete, but that he used his virtuosity on the court to add style, flair, and imagination to the game.

Abe Issa wanted to deliver value and create a winning business model. But the idea of creating a successful business wasn’t enough. Feeling deep gratitude for the country that made it possible for him and his family to live prosperous lives free from the horrors of war, he wanted to deliver a level of service and quality that would make a real difference.

At the age of 27, with the values of honesty and hard work imparted to him by the Texas Christian University, Abe Issa went on to create a real estate investment company and redeveloped over 500 homes in the span of just five years. That’s a track record that even the nation’s greatest developers would be proud of.

Today, his successes and penchant for giving back more than he receives continue to fuel not only his own growing reputation, but that of the companies he operates, and the teams he has assembled.


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