About Me

Abe Issa, a successful green energy entrepreneur and the founder and leader at EnviroSolar Power, has received numerous awards and honors throughout his career, including several Entrepreneur of the Year awards for building and managing the fastest-growing firms in their respective categories.

This includes several awards for sustainable development and operation, particularly in the clean energy sector.

Issa 's efforts to create innovative solar energy technologies continue to make a lasting impact on people's lives, and are continually accelerating the noble pursuit of energy sustainability in the U.S. and around the world.


Born in Beirut, Lebanon, in the early 80s, Abe Issa experienced some of the greatest challenges a young person can face, forced to navigate a dangerous environment rife with some of the biggest hardships life can throw at even the youngest and most innocent of society.

However, growing up in a virtual war zone and fleeing to the United States at such a young age showed Abe Issa that getting ahead, and often even surviving your surroundings, demands initiative, action, and no shortage of resourcefulness.

EnviroSolar Power

Abe Issa created EnviroSolar Power to pursue his passion for making energy efficiency, smart-home technology, security solutions and cutting-edge solar power options both accessible and affordable for consumers across the country. An energy renewables industry leader, Abe Issa and the EnviroSolar team have been rated amongst the top solar power installers and solar companies in the state of Texas.

Issa founded EnviroSolar on the idea that all homeowners should have access to transformative, self-sustaining solar technology that will deliver results for generations. Each house and customer served by Issa and his team benefit from a consultative approach that includes a green energy assessment of the dwelling's energy efficiencies and inefficiencies. Recommendations and home-wide solutions are then provided to help homeowners achieve a greener, more sustainable way of life

EnviroSolar now offers two free solar panels to new clients just to help more people understand the real value of clean energy sourced directly from the sun: a sign of fact and generosity that continues to inspire Abe Issa and further his company vision for widespread energy sustainability, a healthier planet and yet another victory in the fight to mitigate climate change.

These solar panels come with an unprecedented 20-year guarantee, an assurance that exceeds the functional lifetime of a lot of solar panels functioning today. Any company with that level of dedication to quality and customer experience is sure to win honors for top solar energy quality, development, and advancement well into the future.

As a leading member of the clean energy revolution, Issa and the team at EnviroSolar continue to create and deliver efficient, affordable green energy options that cut energy costs and help every customer minimize their carbon footprint.

Focused on advanced technologies that make a lasting impact on customers and businesses around the world, Issa and his team continue to pursue their mission and realize their long-term vision for being an industry-leading green energy organization.

How Has Abe Issa Done It?

The question so many people continue to ask is, just how can someone coming from such a challenging childhood develop the solid work ethic and dedication to people his companies offer?

Regardless of his beginnings in war-torn Beirut, Abe Issa was motivated by the abilities and jaw-dropping performances of the ultimate basketball superstar, Michael Jordan, a legend who has inspired generations of athletes and business leaders alike.

Abe Issa observed that Jordan was not just an incredibly skilled athlete, but that he utilized his talent, virtuosity on the court to add energy, style, flair, and also creativity to the game--contributions few, if any, have been able to match.

Abe Issa wanted a way to add value and worth to people's lives while creating a winning business model. Yet, the concept of building an effective business just wasn't enough.

Feeling deep appreciation for the nation that opened doors and made it feasible for him and his family to live successful lives without the constant threat of war, Issa sought a process for bringing new technologies and providing a higher degree of service quality that would promote sustainability, save people money and make an actual difference.

On a Mission

At the age of 27, equipped with extensive knowledge and the values of hard work, honesty and effort instilled in him at Texas Christian University, entrepreneur Abe Issa created a real estate investment company. Under Issa's leadership, energy and vision, his company redeveloped more than 500 homes in just five short years - an achievement even the greatest developers in the world would marvel at.

Today, Issa's successes and fondness for supporting the local community, improving sustainability and helping the environment continue to grow and solidify not only his own credibility, but also the image, purpose and efforts of each business he runs, and also the teams he has built.

A respected business leader and visionary entrepreneur in the solar energy space, Issa promises to be a candidate for Entrepreneur of the Year honors well into the future.


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